Artist Information

Bronze artist Maryann Eiken working on a bronze elephant sculpture
Maryann Eikens sculpting mother elephant

Artist’s Statement:

“I marvel everyday at the beauty and strength of the natural world.

My intention in my work is to capture a moment of the wonder and excitement found all around us. I want to tell a story, bring a smile and evoke a feeling for the viewer.

For me, creating a sculpture involves channeling a vision or passion for something in life and then executing this idea with my hands. I feel that being a sculptor is what I was always meant to be. Being a very tactile person,

I love being able to feel as well as see my work when sculpting in clay.

I chose bronze as my medium because of the strength and beauty of the metal and the ability to use a variety of patinas. This makes the possibilities for creativity endless.

I like the fact that a bronze work of art is classic and timeless. “